Prices vary based on throughput. When you subscribe to FoxWireless, there are an array of benefits, such as low latency and high reliability.

Eligibility for the below plans may vary, especially with business packages.


15 Megabit Plan – 50$ Monthly Payment

Download & Upload of 12 Mbps. Suitable for most users.


15 Megabit Plan – 550$ Twelve Month Payment

Save 50$ when you pay for the whole year.


30 Megabit Plan – 80$ Monthly Payment

Download & Upload of 25 Mbps. Recommended for large households, or heavy use/gaming.


60 Megabit Plan – 150$ Monthly Payment

A plan optimized for business or heavy usage. There may be a deposit required at install. (Deposit credited back to your account in 12 months)


Enterprise/Business Plans

With speeds up to 150 megabit we have options for entrepreneurs and corporations alike. Inquire about service .